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Need Equipment?

Digi provides cabling and optical modem (property of Digi) FOR FREE.
To be able to connect several devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) - you will need a Wi-Fi router.

For your convenience, Digi selected various models of routers for connectivity of WiFi enabled devices (laptop, smartphones, tablet, others) and other devices.

Wi-Fi Routers

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Pro-link PRC3801

High-speed wireless connectivity
serves your devices as each has its own dedicated router
CONCURRENT DUAL BAND ideal for video streaming and online gaming
HIGH POWER WIRELESS with high-gain antenna for better wireless coverage and stability

Home Tariff

ProLink PRN3002

300Mbps Wireless-N Broadband AP / Router

Fast Transfer Speed of up to 300Mbps
High-Security encryption to protect network from threats
Simple & Easy Setup
Extra Guest Wireless Network